• Stay 5, play 3
    5 nights, 3x golf on premium, sightseeing tour/ boat tour, themed Czech dinner, best of bars, wine/beer tastin
  • Stay 7, play 4
    Plus 2 nights plus 1x golf, museum/black light theatre, sightseeing tour full day
  • Party 4 and 3
    4 nights, 3x golf, bars,restaurants, clubs…and…..


  • Stay 7, play 5
    7 nights, 3x golf in resort, 2x outside, sightseeing tour, themed buffet dinner, castle tour/ brewery excursion/wine cellar evening
  • Double resort
    8 nights, 2×4 per resort, 6x golf, sightseeing tour with dinner, castle tour/excursion, wine cellar, shopping tour



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